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Mansfield Petra School

We make your dream of having a confident, competent, creative, responsible and happy child a reality.

No child is left behind

Our creche is a beautiful "home away from home". It is a large unit with enough space for children who are crawling and learning to walk.


This arm of the school cares for children between the ages of 13 to 18 months. we encourage the children to be aware of who they are.


Our Nursery and Reception unit is where we cater for the educational needs of children from 2 to 5 years. Teaching here is child-centered.


Our Primary School pupils are introduced to concepts and skills that will enhance their ability to compete amongst the best in the larger community.



Dear Parents, Guardians and Visitors,

A very warm welcome to Mansfield Petra School.

Thank you for visiting our website. I hope that you find it informative and helpful.

Mansfield school started as a crèche and pre-school in 2005 and was known then as “PETRA PRIVATE SCHOOL. We have grown into a learning community in which pupils, teachers and even parents work and learn together.

That vision of providing the best daycare outside home has metamorphose into what we represent today. A warm, friendly school with excellent facilities and personnel.

Every Child is a different kind of flower and all together, make this world a beautiful garden

I have trusted Mansfield School with my children and I have never been disappointed. My children have thrived in the environment despite their very different personalities. The broad spectrum of learning amazes me, sometimes when i hear my son talk I am blown away with his level of understanding and use of language... Thanks to Mansfield-Petra School.

- Mrs. Margaret Olulodun

Our experience in Mansfield school was very good. It all started with the warm reception when we made enquiries about the school several years ago and for the next 9 years our kids spent at the school, we had no regrets. Quiet but with Quality...God bless Mansfield School.

- The Oloyes

Our first day in school was a pleasant one, very warm and welcoming staff, safe environment and lots of care from the school. The school curriculum (STEM) and services is top-notch. The classrooms are well equipped, bright and colourful with wonderful charming energy. The teacher parent communication is beyond excellent and professional. This is truly a SCHOOL for learning. I highly recommend Mansfield-Petra School to anyone looking for the perfect place for your child to have a great, fun and sound learning experience.

- Ifeoluwa Dibie

Why attend Mansfield-Petra School?

Growth Mindset

At Mansfield Petra School we are convinced that brains are malleable, and IQ is not fixed yet.

Happiness Matters

We believe young people can achieve more if they are happy and are well guided.

Happiness Matters

At Mansfield Petra School we are convinced that brains are malleable, and IQ is not fixed yet.

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